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Dancing Cactus Toy In Pakistan Talking Dancing For Baby Tiktok




Dancing Cactus Toy Talking Dancing For Baby Tiktok

Dancing Cactus Toy In Pakistan very famous day by day In talking cactus Plush Toys inside having a buttons. The green or any other color bottom press them will start soon, more 15 to 30 sec wait. In toy two buttons have for one is on music which have songs many already recorded. One switch is for voice to talking option talk repeat self. Please check yourself which button for singing and dancing . One is voice recording your voice because many times no mention on top of button stickers easily understand its functions. In cactus toy recording time is near about 10 sec, press button and start. What are you saying toy sensor detect and repeat your talk after 3sec enjoy it. Be careful in talking speed because if you speedy way talk for recording. The toy not able to pick your sentences and many time not repeat, so slow slow talk and try to keep near your mouth. If recording time Dancing Cactus Toy your surrounding many voices and noisy environments. The cactus is not able to talk and its sensor has no repetition.

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