Bakra eid shopper Eid ul Adha 2023 Special Printed

Bakra Eid shopper Eid ul Adha 2023 Special Printed PolyBags 1kg

Eid ul adha shoppers

  • 1kg shopper packet
  • Size: 10*14
  • 250gm pack
  • 30pc in 1 packet

Eid ul Adha shopper Made of High-density material, these biodegradable Eid bags are safer for the environment than traditional plastic bags These Plastic bags offer more value than just sustainability. Bakra eid shopper bags also carry a message of appreciation to all shoppers choosing to make an earth conscious buying decision that will positively impact Mother Earth in the years to come Don’t worry about clinging bags, leaks or spills with these durable eco-friendly plastic biodegradable bags with handles to easily grip. They are heat and cold resistant, making them perfect for supermarkets and restaurants serving hot or cold foods. These bags will last a long time and serve multiple purposes as a Eid Gift.

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