3D Brick Wall Stickers Price In Pakistan wallpaper DIY self adhesive waterproof


Self adhesive waterproof 3d Brick Wall Stickers

3d brick wallpaper suitable for home decoration, bedroom, living room, school, etc. Wall stickers self adhesive waterproof for smooth, clean, strong and firm walls can be directly pasted. Children’s room stereo thickened waterproof anti-collision foam. Safety and environmental protection. Need to be treated normally before pasting directly bad use.

Specification :

  • Material : Polyethylene Foam, SOFT PE FOAM
  • Color :White Ten PC
  • Style : Modern
  • Coverage : 58 square feet, unit size: 2.52ft x 2.3ft (77cm x 70cm)


Wallpaper  Installation Methods

Simple construction, more labor-saving and easier

1. Measure the area to be pasted


2. Clean the wall with  a rag


3. Pull the rolling wall stickers apart


4.Tear off the sticker on the back of the wall sticker


5.  Cut the wall sticker with a knife


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