Food And vegetable cutter hand operated peeler chopper blender

Food And vegetable cutter hand operated peeler chopper blender processor

Food And vegetable cutter hand operated processor has expired, can it be sold?


Food And vegetable cutter hand operated peeler chopper blender

The patent on the hand-operated vegetable chopper has expired, can it be sold?

The hand-operated vegetable cutter was also a relatively popular product in the past two years. However, in 2024, it has generally suffered a wave of patent infringement complaints. Many sellers have suffered heavy losses, and they will pay special attention to the vegetable cutter when they see it.

Today we found out that the patent for this hand-operated vegetable cutter has expired. Can it continue to be sold?

Let’s take a look at the patent situation first Handheld food processor

The present invention relates to a hand-held food and vegetable processor. In some embodiments, the processor may have a peeling arm. In other embodiments, the processor may have a chopper blade. The chopping blade embodiment can also mix and emulsify salad dressings in a convenient manner. One advantage of this handheld handheld processor is that it can process smaller amounts of food and vegetable for smaller portions or individual portions, compared to electric benchtop food processors that are designed for large amounts of food to be processed. Handheld food processors can have interchangeable arms or blades so they can be converted from a peeler to a chopper or blender.

In any embodiment, a unique feature of the invention is the use of a pull motor similar to a starter motor or outboard motor on a model aircraft to drive the spindle of the processor. The pull motor has been found to provide unique long pulse rotational power at high torque to the spindle. Therefore, by pulling one long pull of the motor cord, the spindle of a handheld food and vegetable processor can exert a long and high-torque rotational force on the spindle.

We only need to remember one thing about the patent content, It generates kinetic energy by pulling the handle to move the blade inside the product, thereby achieving effects such as chopping vegetables. Other electric and pressing ones have nothing to do with this patent.

So is it possible that the protection period of this patent will be extended again?

In other words, once a patent expires, it is basically impossible to renew it.
Finally, whether this vegetable cutter can be resold requires another concern. Although the invention patent has expired, has anyone registered a design for the model you are selling?

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